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Ethan Wright

It’s hard to miss Ethan Wright when he’s on the ice. The 6-foot-2 defender isn’t only known for his size, but his ability to play at both ends of the rink. This season with the Toronto Titans, Wright was known as a two-way defenceman who can play the back end and easily transition onto the offensive play at any given moment. In 49 games for the Titans this season, Wright contributed with 4 goals and 23 assists.  

Wright compares himself to Nashville Predator’s Roman Josi. “He’s a great versatile defenceman, he’s a leader, he can hold down the backend, but he also has the offensive touch for his team to score big-time goals, he’s got his points and his playmaking ability. That’s stuff I want to model my game after.”

Apart from their similar playstyles, Wright also prides himself on his leadership abilities, both on and off the ice. Despite not wearing a letter on his chest, Wright continues to be a leader and a supportive member of his team. Outside of the rink and in his free time, Wright also enjoys being a helpful member of his neighbourhood and finds joy in serving his community.

Before games, he can be described as cool, calm, and collected, but when “Wow” by Tiësto plays, the Titan’s pregame song, that’s when Wright gets fired up and ready to go. Looking back at this season with the Titans, Wright highlights the team’s season-long efforts through adversity as his fondest memory.

Just as Wright’s hockey skills and abilities have developed over the past few seasons, so too has his overall physical form and on-ice presence. Over the last year-and-a-half, Wright has grown 5 inches in height, crediting his growth spurt to eating well-balanced breakfasts and vegetables with every meal.

Wright’s passion for the game knows no bounds. “I love hockey, it’s the one thing that keeps me going”. He’s confident that he’ll continue to expand his game and pursue the highest levels of hockey he can achieve. Wright will be seen sporting #89 on the ice for years to come.